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I've always been interested in all sorts of things, here's some of the ones I've pursued more vigourously.
Motor Bikes : Bikes I have ridden, ride and would like to.
Computers : That's right computers.
Pool and Snooker : The glorious game.
Music : The wonderful art of sound.
Books : Books I have read and enjoyed.
Growth : The human growth potential.
Beer : Drink of the gods.
Telly : Television.
Stocks : 'Cos I want to make a million.
Writing : A few scribbles I've had published.
Watches : Those things that remind you you're late.
Mediaevalism : Mediaevalism.
Travel : I'm from Australia, so I can't help it.
Playstation : Computer games etc..
Cars : Those four wheel bikes with roofs.
Projects : Things I am working on.
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Currently working for Consul Asia Pacific as Director Mainframe Products and Operations
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