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Well, here we go again. This will be the fourth launch of MikeCairns.com, the last time was over ten years ago now in the UK as MikeCairns.co.uk and exploited the very bleeding edge capabilities of HTML tables and Cascading Style Sheets (version 1). Well, HTML5, CSS and now PHP, combined with a Content Management System (wordpress this time) combine to bring together the latest iteration of my online adventures.

The design is inspired a bit by SteamPunk, with Gothic or Mediaeval textures and a plain, modern and clean set of lines. The top graphic represents my fascination with vehicles, cars and bikes plus the roads they run on generally. Created by Chis Bogdan of eJump media and implemented by his talented team of web craftsmen. It is now up to me to fill in all the blanks and make the site as full of content as the old one was. If you are looking for content in the old site that is not yet migrated to here, you can check the old site here.